Regretfully I must alert those needing ADAM parts or software about a vendor's tactics. We have a vendor in the ADAM community that is out for himself and is willing to shaft perspective customers. He does this under the guise of supporting our ADAM, but in reality is causing the ADAM's demise. It is in my opinion that he apparently does not support products he sells and does PIRATE software. We have sold ADAMlink V in a serialized fashion to aid in keeping track of differant configurations. This was in case a buyer corrupted his copy, we could then re-issue the needed setup. As it turns out ADAM's House has used the same serial number for more then just one buyer. Even supplying poor copies of disk labels and sleeves. We have the PIRATED copies along with an invioce where it was sold to another registered user. These claims are documented from differant instances over a period of time. So anyone wanting/needing parts, software or assistance check out ADAMcon.org. Aviod any contact or business with TERRY FOWLER of ADAMs' HOUSE (ecoleco.com)

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